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Whitening needle formula revealed

2018-03-15 08:00:20

Recently, major beauty agencies launched whitening needle services, love beautiful MM flocking, whitening needles are divided into two types, one is the injection type, one is the smear type, personally think that the smear type is safer. But what exactly is in the needles? Is it safe? Now let's get to the secret of the whitening needle formula. TA m-Tranexamic Acid has excellent depigmentation effect. It can activate sleeping stem cells, promote cell regeneration and differentiation, accelerate metabolism, blood circulation, and lighten color spots. Transom acid plays a safe and excellent role in improving skin function and whitening in the field of cosmetics. 4MSK 4-Methoxy Salicylic Acid has been developed after a long period of research. The main role of 4MSK is to make dark spots and freckles caused by ultraviolet irradiation, resulting in chronic keratosis caused by keratosis disorder, and also block melanin production from the source of melanine melanin production, which has the ability to inhibit melanine production. Prevention of dark spots and freckles: Vitamin C is the only form of vitamin that is directly absorbed by the human skin and has significant antioxidant and anti-freckle effects on the skin. At the same time, it promotes collagen synthesis, reduces fine lines, protects the skin and prevents aging. Glabridin Glabridin is extracted from licorice (also known as licorice flavonoids), is the best active ingredient in licorice white efficacy, in the cosmetics industry, known as "whitening gold". Effectively inhibit melanin and significantly reduce pigmentation caused by UV exposure; In medicine, it also has quite strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects. Glutathione is synthesized from Glutanmicacid, Cys-teine and Glycerin. It is a powerful antioxidant substance, which exists in the cells of the body and is oxidized by itself to neutralize the damage of free radicals such as OH to fatty acids or genetic material, and has a very important position in medicine. Friendly reminder: At present, China has not approved the use of human body drop injection whitening drugs, this "whitening needle" is a hidden danger of safety, as much as the voice of the whitening needle, before choosing this method, please consider carefully.