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Yesanpo road trip play accommodation dinner barbecue cookout overall guide

2018-02-26 11:12:00

I recommend a road trip to the hillside more relaxed road trip route, out to play is to free the mind, stretch the body and mind, really don't squeeze into the pile


A private car (size is not limited, enough seats)


Those who like barbecue and do not like to eat barbecue sold outside can bring some meat


Taking into account the traffic situation in departure, remind everyone to start as early as possible, which can save a lot of time, do not waste time in unnecessary places. The holiday is short, and no one wants to have a holiday on the road. It's better to kill the Ai family than to live in the car


Departure line 1 Lianshi East Road - Jingyuan Road - six rings - G5 (Jingshi two high speed) - G95 (Zhangzhuoshi High speed) Yesanpo, Duya exit - under the high speed road to the direction of wild hillside. Route 2 Lianshi East Road - G4(Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway) - Yan Village exit - Along the Jingzhou Road to the direction of Dashihe River - Dashihe entrance into the G5 (Jingshi two expressway) - G95 (Zhangzhuo Expressway) Yesanpo, Duya exit - down the highway to the direction of the wild hillside.


After the setting of the route, we must first consider eating and accommodation, after the highway 2, 3 kilometers or so, there is a relatively large holiday villa Luojia Villa, after many recommendations of friends have been twice, but we must book a room first, and come back at night and book no room, other wine is the same, Luojia Villa and buffet barbecue, roast cow's head, Roasted red trout, there are other local characteristics of wild vegetables, the living environment is also relatively good, very quiet, after the wine arrangement will start the real play in the Bailixia scenic area to play is definitely a profound test of physical strength. The environment-friendly car queue at the door is long, in fact, it is not very far to go in, and people who have physical strength and are not in a hurry can drive 11 road to go in. Walk along the canyon into the mountain walls and trees, almost will not be sunburned, very comfortable. The most terrifying of Baili Gorge is the trestle road with more than 2,000 steps, which is definitely a great test of physical strength and endurance, and some tourists even use their hands and feet


If you come out early in the scenic area and have free time, you can also go to the fish Valley cave more than ten kilometers away, the ticket is 65 yuan. The upper and lower three floors of five halls, the lighting is not good, there is no effect at all, many places even have no lighting, easy to slip or knock on the head, the guide's explanation is also not meticulous, many attractions are directly walked past. In all respects, it can not be compared with the stone flower Cave. People who have not been to karst caves can go to see; If you have been to the stone flower cave friends, there is no need.