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You deserve a Thai passport

2018-04-04 11:12:23

Because of its low cost, beautiful environment, and Buddhist holy places, Thailand has become the first choice for many people traveling abroad. In addition to low cost and fast time, immigration to Thailand also has the following six advantages: 1. It is cheaper, more convenient and faster to travel to developed countries such as the United States and Europe through the Southeast Asian nationality springboard. 2. Foreign nationals can buy multiple sets of commercial housing in China, enjoy preferential policies as overseas Chinese investment, work is easier, and can have a second child at the same time. 3. Enjoy visa-free and foreign citizen welfare benefits in the country of application, and can buy a house without restrictions. 4. The children of the family have Southeast Asian nationality, and they are overseas Chinese back home, taking the exam of Tsinghua University and Peking University, and have obvious educational advantages. 5. No foreign exchange system, no overseas tax. 6. Thailand is visa-free to 88 countries.