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Zte Red Bull V5 brush recovery tutorial and method

2018-04-14 03:12:21

The third-party recovery of ZTE Red Bull V5 has come, and many people are looking forward to it. With this third-party recovery, it is much more convenient. The recovery shared with you this time is still in Chinese version. The use of this recovery can be used to brush third-party zip packages including zip format root, the future use is relatively large, but some friends still do not know how to brush it, here are the specific steps:


  Driver of


  recovery tool


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Open the usb debugging mode in the computer, connect the computer with a data cable, and ensure that it can be connected to the computer normally. Decompress the recovery tool package on the computer, [V5_Recovery.exe], double-click it directly, and then enter 1. Press Enter repeatedly. The system automatically restarts the bootloader and automatically brushes the recovery


When the message "Congratulations, press Enter to close this window" is displayed, you can close the one-key swipe tool, and the recovery has been flushed at this time, and then choose to restart or restart to recovery on the bootloader interface according to your needs. (PS: Select the volume button on the bootloader interface, and confirm the power button)